At Trinidad leds we carry a wide range of led Strips both RGB ( Multi Colored ) and Single Colored.  Please be free to call us on any question you may have.

Some Information about led Strips.

Single color LED strips are quite simple to power up. They have two wire attachments, one for 12V power and one for ground. When they are connected to a power source, they glow a single color.

You can find single color LED strips in a variety of colors.

Multi-color LED strips are a little bit trickier to use. These consist of surface mount multi-color LEDs, which can produce colors across the visible spectrum. This makes them very versatile and fun to play with.

By varying the amount of electricity being applied to the red, green or blue pins, you can mix the three light sources and create a wide range of different colors.

LED Strip Controllers

The easiest way to control analog LED strips is with a out-of-the-box LED strip controller. These plug-and-play controllers are typically suitable for most LED strip projects. Before I try to build custom circuitry, I always check to see if there is a controller that suits my needs.

These controllers are simply connected in series between the LED strip and the power.


They are then controlled wirelessly via remote. Different controllers have different functionalities which you can tell by looking at the remote. At that, they are dead simple to use.

One thing to keep in mind about wireless control, is that there are two types of ways these comes. Some are radio, which works even if the receiver is hidden. Others are IR (infrared) and require the remote to have “line of sight” to the receiver (like your TV). These receivers have a cable connected to a little plastic box.


The only thing to be mindful of is whether you are getting a controller for single color LED strip or multi-color LED strip. The quickest way to tell the two apart is that multi-color controllers have color settings on their remotes and single color controllers don’t.